Double layer shoe crease preventer shoe toe box tree

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Model Number:IN-1626
Type:Shoe Crease Guard
Package:OPP bag
Delivery Time:10-30days

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Premium Quality:
Made of durable yet flexible, washable, and non-absorbent materials. Unlike others, Shoe crease protector will last you a long time extending the life and appearance of your favorite sneakers.

Crease Free Sneakers:
Say goodbye to toebox creases on your favorite kicks! Shoe crease protector were not only made to keep your brand new sneakers looking new, but to also restore your old looking sneakers. The Protector is our Extra Hard design for Maximum crease prevention.

Perfect for Travel & Storage:

Stop stuffing socks in your shoes when you store them or travel. Shoe crease protector are compact and act as the perfect crease guard for your shoes when storing or traveling.

Wearable & Easy to Use:
Perfectly fits inside most shoes. Simply pop them in and keep them in while wearing your shoes. Made with the perfect dimensions so you barely feel that they are even there



Q:Are they universal fit?:

A:The anti-crease shoe protectors should fit any shoe and they come in 2 sizes: L for Men's shoe size 7-12/ S for Women's shoe size5.5-9.

Q:What if they're too big for some shoes?:

A:No worries, the protectors come with guided lines that show you where to cut with scissors to trim down to fit to the sneaker of your choice.

Q:Can I use the GOOUDO to size up on shoes?:

A:Since the protectors protect the shoe from damaging creases, the answer is yes. A lot of our good reviews come from people being able to buy a size or half a size bigger shoe because they can wear them without the fear of creasing them significantly.

Q:Does the color choice matter?:

A:The color choice does not matter nor does it make a difference unless you plan on wearing them on a sneaker that has transparent material then we suggest to pick the color you wish to display.


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