Yangzhou Runtong & Wayeah -2023 Canton Fair

Today is the third day of the third phase of the 2023 Canton Fair. As a company specializing in shoe peripheral products, we displayed a series of high-quality products including insoles, shoe brushes, shoe polish, shoe horns, etc., which attracted the attention of many customers.

The main purpose of our participation is to expand business channels and establish contact with potential customers. During the exhibition, by exchanging the latest industry information, we let many customers have new ideas for product development. At the same time, we also obtained some valuable opinions and suggestions from customer feedback, which will be of great help to our future products. Development and marketing have an important impact.

We are pleased to announce that our booth has attracted the attention of guests from all over the world, especially from North America and Europe. They showed great interest in our products and confirmed their clear intention to sign orders at the exhibition site. This is a major achievement of our participation.

At present, shoe peripheral products such as insoles, shoe care, and shoe horns are still a rising market. People will pay more and more attention to their foot health, and the demand for shoe cleaning and other products will also increase. We will continue to devote ourselves to developing and promoting better products to meet the needs and expectations of customers, and at the same time contribute our strength to the development of the industry.

To sum up, participating in the 2023 Canton Fair is an important milestone for our company. We will continue to uphold the concept of "quality first, customer first", provide customers with better products and services, and make our contribution to the development of the industry.

Post time: May-03-2023