Long Lasting Safe Natural Self Heating Insoles

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Model Number:IN-3764
MOQ:30000 pairs
Packaging:OPP bag
Material:Iron Powder, Activated Carbon Vermiculite Salt Water
Delivery date:20 working days

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Self Heating insoles

Warm breathable shoe insoles suiable for women and men use.

Personal warmth, wet resistant capability is strong, Self-heating insoles good for winter used.

Safe, shock-proof, water-resistant heated insoles ,Feel is exquisite, three-dimensional cutting process,shock absorption and non-slip.

Natural materials, non-toxic harmless.



-Insole built-in activated carbon, iron powder, constant temperature stone.

-Long-term effect and durable, keep warm ans keep healthy.

-Promote blood circulation, increase metabolism, immunity enhancement.

-Ease pain, relieve fatigue. -Wear comfortable, does not affect work, study and life.

-Without using any energy, reliable and eco-friendly.

-Self-heating product, no external power and heat.





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