Soft Latex Printed Anti-Slip Latex Insole

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MOQ:1000 pairs
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China, CN;JIA
Model Number:IN-3620
Brand Name:OEM
Insole type:latex Insole

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Perfect fit

Creates a feeling of new shoes

Absorbs and disperses moisture

Retains heat, ultra soft, light weight

Suitable replacement for all kinds of men’s and women’s shoes

Very soft flat insoles, especially good for men’s and women’s and winter boots and slippers.

This type of  functional high density PU foam insole has excellent softness and good elongation, good tearing strength.

Good rebouncy, friction resistance. soft, sustainability, fatigue resistance. High supportive ability Soft and shock absorption.



Improves shoe fit and comfort and provides all-day comfort and shock absorption.

Deodorizing, anti-bacterial.

Light and fits for any shoes and trims to fit.



Wipe inside of shoe clean.

remove existing insole the former insoles.

Inserts and Stays in Place Inside the shoe with fabric side up.


Care and Cleaning

Hand Wash Only

1. Wet the entire insoles with cold water. Apply a small amount of shampoo to a clean sponge. Clean entire area. Rinse clean in cold water. Reshape by stuffing with paper towel.

2. Allow to dry naturally and slowly in the shade. Do not use forced drying.


Package Type:

We provide a wide range of packaging options to suit your needs: Blister, Polybag, Insert Card, PP bag, PP box, PVC box, Paper bag, Clamshell box, Display box, Secured Packaging, Sealing. We can imprint your Company logo on product and packaging for promotional gain.



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