Sock Aid Kit, Aid Easy On Off Sock Helper Kit Shoe Horn Pain Free No Bending Shoe Horn

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MOQ:3000 pcs

Material:stronger and more durable than the plastic

Suitable: injury or have limited mobility

Delivery date:15 working days

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1. Lay sock in the hollow of the easy on sock slider aid. The heel of the sock should rest upon the slot, with the toe of the sock pointing downwards.
2. Pull sock apart and roll it down over the tube. Once it is pulled down as far as possible, the sock will be turned inside out and opened up.
3. Place hand in sock and make sure the heel is in the correct position for entry.
4. Lower the easy on sock slider aid to the floor. Position your toes with the foot straight over the open sock and push into the sock. Step gently and foot should slide into the sock as far it can go.

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