What Are The Function Of The Insoles

1. Prevent feet from sliding in shoes

The insole in the shoe is flat, but the sole is not flat. Therefore, the sole slides in the shoe when walking, which makes each step of walking require more effort, and long-distance walking is more likely to increase various injuries. Using a three-dimensional insole can fill the space between the sole and the sole, and reduce the slippage of the sole in the shoe.


2. Shock absorption

There are two types of shock absorbing insoles. One is the use of a hard cup-shaped heel support. Because the thick muscles of the human heel have natural shock absorption, as long as you have the appropriate curvature of the hard rubber support, you can play a good shock absorption function, suitable for some Stable and long-lasting activities, such as fencing, strenuous walking, hiking, etc. The other is to assist other soft materials, such as gel and air cushion, to absorb the impact of the heel on the ground, suitable for running, basketball and other high jump actions.


3. Correct walking and standing posture

Sounds amazing, but this is the function of the orthopedic insole. The spine and leg bones are not 100% vertical when standing, or they will swing left and right when walking, which in the long run can cause various bones and joints to be injured. This is due to or very few people born . Using orthopedic insoles, they can correct walking and standing postures, thereby reducing trauma.

Post time: Jun-02-2021