The Right Insole For Your Foot

There are many different foot types.

Genetic sequences have caused discrepancies in the physical appearances of humans, and our feet are a testament to that. Some people are flat feet while some have high arches. This leads to different needs when it come to footwears as no single product can “fit all”.

Have you ever wonder what, exactly, is the right insole for your type of feet?

Find out in this article.
The ideal insole for a high-arched person is a nightmare for a flat-footed person. If you are suffering from foot issues on a regular basis, it’s natural to blame inappropriate footwear. Your shoes probably don’t support the type of feet you have.

Buying a new pair of shoes is not always necessary as you can just buy insoles to fit your favorite pair.


Here are the different foot types and the right insoles or shoes for each.

1.Flat foot

  • This kind of foot is usually the flexible but could be unstable when walking or running.
  • The foot pronates when exposed to too much stress, particularly in the structures of the inner foot.
  • The shoe tends to tilt inwardly if you stand on a plain surface
  • Plantar fasciitis, metatarsal stress fractures, hip pain, patellar pain, and Achilles tendonitis are common foot injuries that can be experienced if you have flat feet.
  • People with flat foot tend to wear out just the inner side of their shoe. This means that calluses are commonplace, especially in the base of the 2nd, 3rd toe,  and along the big toe.

Proper insole or shoe

A heavier, less flexible motion control shoe is what a flat foot needs. Since a flat foot is too flexible, it needs something that can really stabilize well.

This midsole provides support and cushion. In a motion control shoe, the midsole is denser inside the heel and arch. It’s most likely firm and made from dual density material. The area which surrounds the heel and the heel counter (spot around the heel) should be firm so that it can give excellent stability throughout the heel.

The process of attaching the upper to the midsole is called last. A motion control shoe designed for a flat foot typically has a straight to semi-curved last shape.

2. High arched foot

  • High arched feet tend to be less flexible and more rigid with the weight focused on the external part of the foot
  • Calluses are visible on the 5th base of the toe along with the outer edge of the foot
  • The high arched foot absorbs less shock than other types. This causes the pressure to be transmitted to the leg and on up to the trunk
  • This kind of foot may encounter problems such as femur/tibia stress fractures and Achilles tendonitis
  • The shoe might tilt outward if placed on an entirely plain surface

Proper insole or shoe

A high arched foot will do well with an insole boasting excellent shock absorption capabilities as well as superior cushioning. This type of sole lessens the amount of stress impact transmitted through the legs.
A more flexible, softer, and single density material midsole should be chosen as it can provide more cushioning. A semi-curved last shape is ideal and should be sewn down in the middle of the shoe.

3. Neutral foot

  • This type of foot can be considered as the ‘most ideal’ one. When compared to high arched and flat feet, a neutral foot can adjust to provide stability. It offers a winning combination of stability and shock absorption
  • Expect few calluses because the weight which is evenly distributed all over the foot

Proper insole or shoe

A stability shoe which provides control of both pronation and cushioning is best for a neutral foot. A dual density midsole is advisable because it provides cushion and limits excessive inward movements.

When it comes to last, it is recommended to have a semi-curved last shape with a combination of board lasted in heel and slip last in the forefoot.


The right insole for your foot is not that hard to determine. All you need to do is to assess the type of your foot, and you’re good to go.

No matter what foot type you possess, there is a perfect insole or shoe for that.

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Post time: Jun-02-2021